Magniflex offers a wide array of mattresses designed to suit just about every type of sleeper. With so many choices available, how do you know which one is right for you? That really depends on your preferences as well as your body type and shape. Here are some suggestions.


  1. Use Magniflex’s table of ‘Support Indicators,’ which provides details on the level of comfort and support you can expect from a particular mattress. All you need to do is cross reference your weight and height in the table to see if a certain mattress will provide you with anatomical, firm, or medium support—or if it is unsuitable for you altogether.


  1. Understand what firm, medium, and anatomical means. ‘Firm’ Magniflex mattresses provide orthopedic support without upward pressure or rigidness. ‘Medium’ mattresses have a softer and more responsive feel. They are slightly adaptable to the shape of the body. ‘Anatomical’ mattresses, on the other hand, adapt to the shape of the body. They are ideal of people who prefer a soft, tailored support for their spine and lumbar region.


Did you know that Magniflex mattresses are spring free? Unlike traditional mattresses with springs that tend to exert upward force or pressure on the body, Magniflex mattresses are much more comfortable and don’t create discomfort during sleep. Springs also tend to lose their tensile strength after a few years, which is why spring mattresses sag and lose their shape over time. This won’t happen with Magniflex spring free mattresses that are made with patented and extremely durable foams that are engineered to keep their shape for a very long time.  Rather than forcing your body to adapt to springs, a Magniflex mattress is built to adapt to your body shape. After all, you’re the boss.