Many discerning sleepers and luxury hotels prefer the Jamison memory foam mattress for various reasons. Once you learn the advantages of buying and sleeping on a Jamison mattress, you may want to consider it on your own bed, too. Despite its price tag, the Jamison memory foam mattress is highly recommended for being made by a trusted brand. The company itself has been manufacturing cutting-edge and luxurious mattresses for more than 120 years, starting with innerspring mattresses. Jamison began making memory foam mattresses in the early 1990s, and these products easily became a favorite, particularly by hotel chains like Marriott, Intercontinental, and Choice.

Jamison uses only the finest materials, like high-density Omalon foam for its memory foam mattresses. The foam adjusts to temperature changes, so it adapts to your body’s warmth to conform to your body’s contours. This way, it is able to provide comfortable and luxurious cushioning around you as you sleep. Jamison memory foam mattresses are known for their unique support and it sets them apart from other similar mattresses by other brands. Omalon, the cell structure of Jamison memory foam, is horizontally aligned to provide durability, comfort, and support. This formation means more support without boosting the density of the mattress, and the foam does not have to take time to warm up with your body heat and conform to your shape.

To date, Jamison has come up with a good selection of memory foam mattresses, including the Tahiti Cool Gel and Utopia cool Gel. One of its bestsellers is the Skandia Cool Gel memory foam mattress, which is infused with the company’s patented JGel technology. JGel beads absorb surface heat and causes it to dissipate outward to ensure a cooler surface compared to conventional memory foam. That way, warm sleepers can sleep more comfortably with enhanced temperature control.